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Curriculum Design - Subject Leaders

Typical Programme

  1. Curriculum Design Principles                        

  2. The National Curriculum and EIF 2019    

  3. Monitoring your subject against Ofsted's EIF 2019

Day 2

   4. Action Research in Delegate's School

Day 3

  5. Pedagogy and the Curriculum using Rosenshein's Principles

  6. Constructing a Curriculum

  7. Putting it all Together



  • This course is £300 per delegate 

  • The minimum fee is £2000

  • There is a maximum group size for this course is 14 delegates

  • A deposit is required of £500 for a booking - Full payment required 2 weeks before the commencement of the course.

Course Overview

This course is aimed at experienced subject leaders who need some deeper understanding of how to review their curriculum to include the key features required by Ofsted’s EIF 2019 framework. These include; checking compliance with the national curriculum, applying memory and learning sciences to their sequencing. Finally,  it will take them from vertical planning to a deep understanding of how to include horizontal themes.

Course Structure

This course can be offered in two formats:

  1. Online webinar and distance learning

  2. In school delegate course over 2 days plus an action research project in between

There is a final assessment based on a video lesson which leads to certification at a pass/fail.

Day 1

- 90 mins

- 90 mins

- 90 mins

- 1 day

-90 mins

-90 mins

-90 mins

Curriculum Design - Subject Leaders

£300 per Delegate

£2000 Minimum Fee

Group Size: 14

(£500 Deposit)

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